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Game Development is far more than just plain old programmingGame creation is an art of understanding and bending perception of a user , quick to point out that the great thrill of programming for game development is to make games enjoyable for others.This consideration for how others experience games is at the heart of game development, in the form of both imagining another's experience of the game and direct feedback by users.

It's not coding just to code, it is coding to create something fun for others. We put live into the imaginations of those who have dreams of having their gems but need someone who have complete skill set to shape those ideas.

Web Games


We develop games for web platform. Our capable team has significant experience in the sector.

Mobile Games


Our team of JAVA expert has developed many mobile games.

Multiplayer Games


Our skilled team of network programming, database programming, and graphic designer has the hunger to overcome any challenges.


Tic Tac Toe


No more wastage of paper to play puzzle games! This multiplayer glowing game gives you a feel for your old days with your modernized world. One can play with anyone in the world. Highly calculative and unpredictable. AI challenges your speed of decision-making ability. Full of entertaining levels, recommended for both kids & adults because a competitive mind never dies.

Sea Survivor


Survival of the fittest suits the game best! Player goes around the sea world to hunt diamonds escaping being hunted by dangerous aquatic animals.



A game of luck which has virtual betting options on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, the colours red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are high or low. Try your luck with the real feel of roulette.

Bubble Shooter


Hit the bubble get the points One of the finest ways of checking your tapping speed and concentration with the help of bubble shooter.



Battle full of colours, powers, speed, levels with adventurous activities. 

Gems Breaker


The Breaking image of old typical gems crushing games this new gems breaker has a variety of tricks and lots of colours.



Endless runner game with full of dangers, enemies, powers, struggles, hurdles, sounds to win super powerful shields.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis 2

Breaking the rules of typical ping pong game this game is full of fun, celebrations, tricks, a tournament between top-ranking countries. Ping pong game with speed variations, good to improve the concentration of your child with the frequent swapping of playing sides.